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Release long held tension and find answers to chronic pain with the Rolfing Ten Series.

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Have you ever felt angry or frustrated about something beyond your control? Most of us have felt this way at some point.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and while I’ve been living in Europe for the past fourteen years, I love where I come from. I grew up on the water, and I suppose because of this I’ve always been drawn to the elements. Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Sky. I’ve found these elements present in every place I’ve felt home, and perhaps why I feel most home in my yoga practice, which is comprised of the elements.

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When I was diagnosed with a rare biliary disease in 2004, I never could have imagined that nine years later I would be waiting to find an organ donor. Yet by September 2013, my first thought every day was whether or not this would be the day. On September 25th 2013 I did get the call, after six months of waiting I received a successful liver transplant.

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Recently with Lizzie as my practitioner, I experienced the 10 Rolfing sessions suggested to help bring about a long term change in one’s overall physical patterns and sense of well-being for body and mind. The results were gradual and amazing. Among other improvements, a long term misalignment of the hips/legs I’d had since a child, vanished and has not returned. Lizzie is simply the best.
I had 10 Rolfing treatments with Lizzie, It was the first time I had come across Rolfing. I was really impressed by the insights that Lizzie gained over the course of the progressive treatments as to ways that I could make small changes in the way I moved and used my body in everyday life that have helped release areas of tension and stiffness.
About a year ago, my autoimmune disease got very bad and I was suffering from a split vision everyday. After one session with her, my split vision completely disappeared for a few days and I was amazed! But I would say that Lizzie’s session is more than a healing treatment. She empowers me with amazing knowledge of anatomy and what my postures are telling her. Every session, she made me discover something new about my body and habitual patterns and it was exciting to learn in a relaxed, calm and comfortable environment that she creates. Lizzie completely understood what I required from the start. I went through a long journey and came out to the light from the dark place once I was in. I am so grateful that I met her and given an opportunity to learn from her.
I have learned so much about my body and its greater potential in the course of 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie, and a transformation in my body’s structure jumps out of the before and after photos. Lizzie brings learnings from her work across multiple disciplines of alternative healing and yoga — and of an eventful life — to go way beyond the mechanics of the body in imbuing her Rolfing with a philosophical dimension. I’m now looking forward to continuing our work and building on the foundation we’ve established in the initial 10 sessions.
I have experienced many types of bodywork, Rolfing is without doubt the most transformative. I had heard a lot about the power of Rolfing, but it exceeded all my expectations.

Rolfing is unique as it is very much about the relationship with the practitioner. You establish a relationship with Lizzie, she evaluates your posture/ the way you walk, she works through the connective tissue throughout the body, and builds you back up again. I learned so much about my posture and how correcting small bad habits have a dramatic effect on the body.

Lizzie is a gifted practitioner with an eye for detail. Rolfing has transformed my relationship with my body and even made chronic niggles completely disappear. I would highly recommend the 10 sessions to anyone. Lizzie taught me how to walk taller, move with ease and my body has thanked me for it ever since.