Yoga Classes with Lizzie

My yoga classes are based in London and Surrey, and focus on breath awareness, physical alignment, philosophical context and concentration leading to meditation. >read more



 Rolfing in London and Farnham : Special Offers

For a limited time, I have some terrific promotions in both London and Farnham. Release long held tension in your body. Feel more at ease, energetic, and body confident. Get Rolfed!  >read more

Workshop Nov 16/17 : Language, Touch and Communication

This 2 day workshop weekend is for teachers and teacher trainees who are interested in refining their teaching skills with a lense on languaging asana, communicating a theme throughout a class, and inferring information through touch. This has less to do with technical assists and more to do with relating to the student, but there will be plenty of hands on features of the weekend. >read more




I experienced the 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie and the results were gradual and amazing. A long term misalignment of the hips/legs I’d had since a child vanished and has not returned. Lizzie is simply the best.
I had 10 Rolfing treatments with Lizzie. I was really impressed by the insights that Lizzie had over the course of the progressive treatments and I learned make small changes in the way I moved and used my body in everyday life.
Lizzie’s session is more than a healing treatment. She empowers you with her amazing knowledge of anatomy and and ability to ‘read the body.’ Every session I learned something new about my body and its habit patterns. She creates a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment. I am so grateful that I met her and given an opportunity to learn from her.
I have learned so much about my body and its greater potential in the course of 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie. Bringing knowledge from her work across multiple disciplines of alternative healing and yoga — and of an eventful life — she goes way beyond the mechanics of the body in imbuing her Rolfing with a philosophical dimension.
Lizzie is a gifted practitioner with an eye for detail. Rolfing has transformed my relationship with my body and even made chronic niggles completely disappear. Lizzie taught me how to walk taller, move with ease and my body has thanked me for it ever since.
My yoga practice has completely changed since going through the ten series with Lizzie. I never thought I would bind in asana, but after only 3 sessions, my arms felt longer and indeed, they were! I have continued to see Lizzie monthly since finishing the ten series and I learn something new each time.