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Release long held tension and find answers to chronic pain with the Rolfing Ten Series.

Latest Blog Entry – The war within

In all of human history, war has been a universal way we define life and death, bravery and fear, what is ‘ours’ and what belongs to other.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and while I’ve been living in Europe for the past fourteen years, I love where I come from. I grew up on the water, and I suppose because of this I’ve always been drawn to the elements. Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Sky. I’ve found these elements present in every place I’ve felt home, and perhaps why I feel most home in my yoga practice, which is comprised of the elements.

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When I was diagnosed with a rare biliary disease in 2004, I never could have imagined that nine years later I would be waiting to find an organ donor. Yet by September 2013, my first thought every day was whether or not this would be the day. On September 25th 2013 I did get the call, after six months of waiting I received a successful liver transplant.

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I experienced the 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie and the results were gradual and amazing. Among other improvements, a long term misalignment of the hips/legs I’d had since a child, vanished and has not returned. Lizzie is simply the best.
I had 10 Rolfing treatments with Lizzie. I was really impressed by the insights that Lizzie had over the course of the progressive treatments and I learned make small changes in the way I moved and used my body in everyday life. This plus the table work has helped release long term patterns of tension and stiffness.
Because of my autoimmune disease I was suffering from a split vision everyday. After one session with Lizzie, my split vision completely disappeared for a few days. I was amazed! Lizzie’s session is more than a healing treatment. She empowers me with her amazing knowledge of anatomy and and ability to ‘read my body.’ Every session I learned something new about my body and its habit patterns. She creates a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment. Lizzie completely understood what I required from the start. I went through a long journey and came out to the light from the dark place. I am so grateful that I met her and given an opportunity to learn from her.
I have learned so much about my body and its greater potential in the course of 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie, and a transformation in my body’s structure jumps out of the before and after photos. Lizzie brings learnings from her work across multiple disciplines of alternative healing and yoga — and of an eventful life — to go way beyond the mechanics of the body in imbuing her Rolfing with a philosophical dimension. I’m now looking forward to continuing our work and building on the foundation we’ve established in the initial 10 sessions.
Lizzie is a gifted practitioner with an eye for detail. Rolfing has transformed my relationship with my body and even made chronic niggles completely disappear. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Lizzie, whether it be for chronic pain or just a physical realignment. Lizzie taught me how to walk taller, move with ease and my body has thanked me for it ever since.