My Teaching Schedule | Autumn 2020

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Accessible Jivamukti
From Nov 6
Accessible Jivamukti
9:00-11am BST
Jivamukti Open
19:00-20:15 Jivamukti Open
20:15-20:30 meditation

Class Styles:

Jivamukti Yoga is a vinyasa-based asana class with a theme threaded throughout the class tied to spiritual activism and the philosophy of yoga. My particular style is in warming up to embodied movement and awareness, moving towards focused precision in alignment, and closing the class with a deep relaxation. All classes have an element of chanting, devotion, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

JIVAMUKTI OPEN is a class for all levels with an expectation (as with all classes) that any individual take responsibility for one’s own practice to be safe in building awareness and physical and metaphysical connections according to one’s own practice.

ACCESSIBLE JIVAMUKTI is designed for all levels to have access to the yoga practice. This is 75 minute practice that moves a little slower than the Jivamukti Open class, and is designed to be as challenging as you make it, offering safe guidance through a range of physical variations favouring steadiness and integrated physical awareness over ‘forcing a shape’ or repetitive (but unsafe) movements.

 JIVAMUKTI WIND-DOWN is designed to get you up out of your seat and move for the first 20-25 minutes of class, with increasing awareness and subtlety, so that by the end of class you are ready to relax into your Monday evening.

Read more about Jivamukti Yoga here.

Private Bookings
If you are interested in a private Zoom session, contact me or check out the private bookings page.