What is Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™?

Rolfing-Little-Boy-and-LogoRolfing® is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity. Manipulation of muscle fascia (connective tissue around muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones) brings therapeutic benefits, including a freedom of movement, an ease with being in the body and a removal of tightness and/or chronic pain from inefficient body use. Rolfing sessions generally begin with what is known as the ten sessions, which consist of a unique theme and physical territory of the body for each session, highly tailored for each individual’s needs to address tensions, stresses and habit patterns that are held over time in the body.

Because the relationship with gravity is a key aspect we consider throughout the Rolfing process, it makes sense that the question of how we move through gravity is at the core of Rolf Movement™.

Generally speaking, a Rolf Movement session addresses how one orients and resources them self through one or a series of movement patterns. We ask questions such as:

-how capable is the client of bearing weight and resting down in order to find lift?
-how economical is the movement?
-where is the movement placing unnecessary burden on the rest of the system?
-are the senses of perception integrated into the movement, or are these senses over, or under-utilized?
-what missing gestures may need to be re-introduced to make the movement more balanced and complete?

It may be that we look at day to day macro-movements such as standing, walking, sitting and breathing, but often there may be a specific movement that has led to injury or chronic pain, such as swinging through a tennis serve, the habitual gait of a runner, or a sequence of yoga asanas. It may even be that there is an unexplored micro-movement that is the root of the problem that is blocked or overcompensating in a different part of the body.

The session is generally split between work in gravity, and during the times of social distancing, movement. We work with movement combined with touch to a deconstruct fascial holding patterns, to rebuild spacial awareness and refine sensitivity in areas that are underutilized.

The goal of any movement session is to look for a more efficient, integrated way to relate to gravity, and to restore tonic function to the system – our innate ability to find direction through opposition.

This is a two and a half minute video about how Rolfing works. It may be interesting if you have questions about how Rolfing is different than massage, osteopathy, sports massage or going to see a chiropractor.

This video is 7 minutes and will both explain what Rolfing and fascia is, as well as show you what fascia looks like! It is really a worthwhile video if you are considering being Rolfed.

Below is a trailer to the movie entitled “The Secret Life of Fascia”, by fellow Rolfer Bruce Schonfield. As a 50th birthday present to himself, Bruce wanted to give something back to the community to help people to better understand the importance and transformational qualities of fascia. If you have any questions about what this connective tissue is or why it is important to your overall health, this trailer is for you!

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