What is Rolf Movement™?

Because the relationship with gravity is a key aspect we consider throughout the Rolfing process, it makes sense that the question of how we move through gravity is at the core of Rolf Movement.

Generally speaking, a Rolf Movement session addresses how the client orients and resources them self through one or a series of movement patterns. We ask questions such as:
-how capable is the client of bearing weight and resting down in order to find lift?
-how economical is the movement?
-where is the movement placing unnecessary burden on the rest of the system?
-are the senses of perception integrated into the movement, or are these senses over, or under-utilized?
-what missing gestures may need to be re-introduced to make the movement more balanced and complete?

It may be that we look at day to day macro-movements such as standing, walking, sitting and breathing, but often there may be a specific movement that has led to injury or chronic pain, such as swinging through a tennis serve, the habitual gait of a runner, or a sequence of yoga asanas. It may even be that there is an unexplored micro-movement that is the root of the problem that presents in a different part of the body.

The session is generally split between work in gravity, and table work. We work with movement combined with touch to a deconstruct fascial holding patterns, to rebuild spacial awareness and refine sensitivity in areas that are underutilized.

The goal of any movement session is to look for a more efficient, integrated way to relate to gravity, and to restore tonic function to the system – our innate ability to find direction through opposition.

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