10 12, 2019

The Web of Human Kind : A Jivamukti, Fascial Freedom Mashup

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The Web of Human Kind : A Jivamukti / Fascial Freedom Mashup Indaba Yoga Studio January 25th 1:30-4:30pm 35£ Book Now The word ‘interbeing’ has been used by the Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh to describe our fundamental connectedness with all living creatures. Also described in the ancient texts of yoga as a

14 11, 2018

The Power of Three: Relationships of Triangulation and Transformation

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An embodied yoga and explorative movement workshop The number three is as mystical and powerful in the practice of yoga as it is in other ancient mystical traditions that provoke positive transformation. It is a fundamental structure of relationship, and imperative to the survival of a species. Triads are also the backbone of spirituality; there

2 10, 2014

Twist and Shout

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  Twisting plays a vital role in maintaining the health of our bodies and minds. The twisting motion is important because it incorporates so many central points of the body, and encourages movement in the spine as well as the organs. Yoga twists require the work of the abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, spine, neck, shoulders