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1 11, 2013

The bouquet of life

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Five weeks. Five weeks! I never planned on a stay in the hospital this long. This wasn't how my transplant recovery was supposed to go. These are the workings of the mind and the origin of my tears throughout the night and into the morning. It was a rough one. You see, objectively speaking, I'm

29 10, 2013

Love Invincible

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PYS III.24 Maitri Adishu Balani Through friendliness, kindness and compassion, strength and success will come. When we let go completely of the ego, our insecurities, our need to please others and 'act' according to societal norms, then we can live through the heart. When we live through the heart with nothing to lose and nothing

22 10, 2013

A chat with Tomo Okabe, visiting Jivamukti teacher from Japan

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Tomo Okabe is here in London finishing his European Tour. He stopped in to the hospital to say hello last night and made my day. Don't miss his inspiring, heartfelt teachings while he's in London; I will definitely be there in spirit! Sat Oct 26th, 19-22pm Black Light Yoga: A Jivamukti Class and Dance Event