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26 09, 2013

Show time.

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When I got the call from the transplant team four months ago, going through the motions of getting prepared for the hospital and prepped for surgery felt dramatic; real, important and life changing. When the operation didn't go through I was frustrated, but expected I would get another call soon. Afterall, the first call came

15 09, 2013


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Time, beyond being a measuring tool to make appointments which deem us too early or too late, confounds my cortical mind.It has been nearly seven months since I was placed on the Liver Transplant list, in need of an 'urgent' intervention to keep the rest of my body alive while my liver was failing me.

9 04, 2013

Assessment Week: The Real Deal

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Monday marked the beginning of Transplant Assessment Week, the week that consists of many tests and procedures to establish whether or not I will be a candidate for transplantation. This culminates with a meeting on Friday with the entire transplant team where each candidate is discussed and ultimately placed on the list, or not. So

7 10, 2011

King of Pain

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There's a little black spot on the sun today, it's the same old thing as yesterday....-the PoliceFor people that live with chronic pain, it can be difficult to keep up one's energy; day after day feeling unwell, unbalanced, in the body. Whether it's a niggling, small pain, or a significant pain that is felt through