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24 01, 2013

Something Witty, Something Bright

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Norman Blair is a wonderful yoga teacher, writer and friend. Take the time Naked emperors on the Bikram yoga system and Hell-Bent, by by Benjamin Lorr juxtaposed with Sacred Fire: My Journey into Ashtanga Yoga by Kino MacGregor. And then, have a laugh with Ryan Spielman, yoga teacher, comedian; a man of many talents including laughing at

15 01, 2012

Day 15, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

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Norman Blair is a rare breed of yogi; he has a committed Iyengar practice, is a practicing Ashtangi and teacher, and in addition, teaches and practices Yin Yoga. Under an unassuming, modest and laid-back exterior, Norman is an avid reader of both poetry and psychology and has strong convictions he doesn't mind sharing. All this

15 01, 2012

Day 14, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

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"Ciao Bella!" The voice and accent is unmistakably Claudia's as she enters the studio with laughter that is contagious and ongoing throughout the class; unusual for an Iyengar teacher to say the least. She's personable, charismatic and funny, but can she teach? I've been to countless classes with Claudia, and I always take away something

4 06, 2011

THE BOX: An Ashtanga Story (by Norman Blair)

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THE BOX BEING INSIDE LOOKING OUTSIDE: AN ASHTANGA STORY by Norman Blair I would like to present this piece in the spirit of compassion, co-operation and communication. My thanks to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharat Jois and all teachers who have developed this practice and helped me along this path. The purpose of writing is

25 02, 2011

Chilled with Norman

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After a day of being poked and prodded by nurses and dentists, afternoon arrived with a headache and a mouth full of white gook that is supposed to strengthen my teeth which apparently are not getting enough calcium. It was 2pm and I knew what I needed - another Yin Yoga session with Norman. After

31 01, 2011

Juice with Norman

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Last week I experienced my first Yin Yoga class with Norman Blair which I found extremely relaxing and meditative. In Yin Yoga each posture is held for 5 minutes, giving the student plenty of time to surrender to any mental attachments or bodily discomfort. I have to admit, I came to class particularly tired due