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24 01, 2013

Something Witty, Something Bright

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Norman Blair is a wonderful yoga teacher, writer and friend. Take the time Naked emperors on the Bikram yoga system and Hell-Bent, by by Benjamin Lorr juxtaposed with Sacred Fire: My Journey into Ashtanga Yoga by Kino MacGregor. And then, have a laugh with Ryan Spielman, yoga teacher, comedian; a man of many talents including laughing at

15 01, 2012

Day 14, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

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"Ciao Bella!" The voice and accent is unmistakably Claudia's as she enters the studio with laughter that is contagious and ongoing throughout the class; unusual for an Iyengar teacher to say the least. She's personable, charismatic and funny, but can she teach? I've been to countless classes with Claudia, and I always take away something

25 02, 2011

Chilled with Norman

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After a day of being poked and prodded by nurses and dentists, afternoon arrived with a headache and a mouth full of white gook that is supposed to strengthen my teeth which apparently are not getting enough calcium. It was 2pm and I knew what I needed - another Yin Yoga session with Norman. After

31 01, 2011

Juice with Norman

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Last week I experienced my first Yin Yoga class with Norman Blair which I found extremely relaxing and meditative. In Yin Yoga each posture is held for 5 minutes, giving the student plenty of time to surrender to any mental attachments or bodily discomfort. I have to admit, I came to class particularly tired due