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1 04, 2019

Where do we go when we disappear?

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Richard Pilnick Where do we go when we disappear? What risks would you take if you weren’t so attached to your name, face, physicality, reputation? Can you imagine being known simply as an imprint of kindness and goodwill? Three things in my life keep these questions alive on a daily basis. The first, having a

21 09, 2015

It Takes Two

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A few years ago after receiving a new liver via transplant, the doctors said to 'give it time' when I asked how long it would take to recover. At first, I had plenty of time; I spent two months in the hospital recovering from one complication after the other, and despite the lost hours watching

4 02, 2014

The Letter

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Writing this letter has been a very important part of my healing, however, I am realizing that my journey of healing and recovery is just beginning. As the body heals and the 'emergency' of life fades, the emotional and mental aspects of the past years find new and interesting hues of expression. A small step,