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16 04, 2020

dear diary : sitting with disorientation

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self isolation, day 32 Dear Diary, I'm sorry I haven't written. It's not that I haven't wanted to, haven't had monologues in my mind about what I'd write, if only I had the time, or the energy. It's just is a little different than I'd thought it would be. It's the feeling of skiing

31 03, 2020

dear diary : life as it is

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Self Isolation, Day 16 Dear Diary, I'm sorry that I have not been as regular writing to you as I intended. It's just that life has been a little turned upside-down in the past couple of weeks. Discombobulated. Deconstructed. Disrupted. The people living in the UK have been told to stay home due to a

27 03, 2020

The world’s most delicious kale crisps

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Need something delicious and nourishing to snack on? These dehydrated kale crisps will not disappoint! A dehydration machine they are guaranteed to turn out terrific - if you have an oven you'll need to feel comfortable with having the oven on for 15-17 hours on a low heat (55 degrees Celsius) You will need a

27 03, 2020

How to make a Paper Maché Vase

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This from my dear friend Kristen Watson Geering, who lives in Switzerland and has her own yoga studio in Basel. (Follow her @breathewithin) 1. grab newspaper- enough to lie down to protect surface and cut into strips 2. mix ration about 1-2 parts flour to water into bowl 3. grab vessel you want to cover-

18 03, 2020

Dear Diary: Diving into Self-Isolation

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Today was my first full day at home, leaving the house only to deposit my son to his (unbelievably) still open school. While one foot has solidly and shoe-lessly jumped into the apocalyptic unknown of virtual everything,  life as 'normal' seems to continue in the playground. No wonder we are all so confused. Because I