Rolfing® and Postural Care

Due to Covid-19, I am presently available for Zoom Postural Assessments and Rolf Movement sessions. These include a body reading and advice about movement considerations, exercises or other forms of self-care leading to fascial release and strength-building through intelligent movement.

My approach to remote work comes from various frames of reference such as yoga, craniosacral therapy and my own healing techniques that I have created based on 25 years of experience.

Life experience means we get knocked around over time, both physically and emotionally, and our systems have a robust ability to manage this; however, often this includes establishing patterns that avoid going into the pain, which is expensive over time for our whole body and can result in chronic pain. Rolf Movement sessions are equal parts re-education as they are releasing fascial tissue and exploring and pinpointing the ‘breaks in the chain’ that result in parts of the body overworking or underworking.The result is feeling more relaxed in the body, more physically aware, and more capable of self-care as a part of your daily routine.

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