Rolfing® and Craniosacral Therapy

My approach to manual touch therapy comes from various frames of reference and has transformed and integrated over the course of over a decade. Working as a craniosacral therapist means that I intuit the most subtle layers of the body’s tissue through the fluid rhythm of the cranial system through energetic awareness and gentle touch to arrive at a place of balance and integration.

The other side of my work as a  Rolfer® and Rolf Movement™ Practitioner provides me with the anatomical, physiological and intuitive understanding of how the body manages itself and moves in space. Life experience means we get knocked around over time, both physically and psycho-emotionally, and our systems have a robust ability to manage this; however, often this includes establishing patterns that avoid going into the pain, which is expensive over time, resulting in chronic pain. Rolfing and Rolf Movement are equal parts education as well as a releasing fascial tissue. If we only set out to release the tissue, the patterns which brought the pain would still exist, so it is likely we would end up with the pain over time. In this modality of work, the re-education of the body and its movement patterns is equally as important as ‘resetting’ the tissue.

Just as we have different tones of voice and a variety of languages to communicate, our body and mind benefit from having various modalities to bring it back into balance. The craniosacral touch is soft, understated yet often profound, that works well with trauma and conditions that cannot cope with deeper levels of touch, while Rolfing and Rolf Movement integrate the release and resetting of fascial tissue with educating the body about it’s relationship relationship with gravity through every day movements and every day life.

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