My interest in rehabilitation stems from my own experiences in illness, injury and recovery.

Our bodies are adaptable and resilient when we build a relationship based on awareness and trust; after all, when we know where we are, we are more resourced to move in any given direction.  Healing is a qualitative dialogue with the whole system led by a felt sense rather than a prescribed set of technical exercises by someone who knows you far less well than you know yourself. It is this intrinsic awareness that creates the right environment for finding balance, flexibility and strength.

I have rehabilitated myself through a liver transplant, a knee break, and spinal surgery, not to mention four decades of digestive disease (many of which have spent in remission). Using my twenty years of experience practicing yoga, skills learned training for marathons in my twenties, and my understanding of the visceral world of organs, I have a special interest in helping others through the rehab process.

Whether you are living with chronic pain, have been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness, or are recovering from an injury or operation, I can help put together a bespoke program for you to rebuild your strength, flexibility, balance and confidence (not to be under-estimated!).

I incorporate aspects of yoga asana and philosophy together bodywork and exercises that encourage stamina and flexibility, taking each unique person’s limitations and potential into the overall picture. We arrive at a program that works into your daily life and that can develop and change as your body and mind work their way back to wellness.

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