Planting Seeds : The Yoga of Action – A Weekend Retreat in Surrey March 14-15

Godalming, Surrey, March 14-15
One of the aspects of the yoga practice that over time has been underlined for me again and again, is the realisation that life is never about the ‘what’, and always in the ‘how’. How do we navigate through periods of change and instability to find balance through the myriad of shifting circumstances? How do we stay curious and provocative during times of feeling that we have reached a plateau?

The practice of yoga is a supportive tool for living; a lens into how we make decisions, a reminder that we are continually traveling through semi-fixed situations, even while our mind does the best it can to bind itself to the things it so desires.

Join me for an early-spring, low key retreat weekend in Godalming, 45 minutes south of London, where we will look deeper at the ‘How’. How do we nurture the seedlings of intention without getting attached to the end result? How can we learn to stay where we are, even when life may feel uncomfortable?

Locals, feel free to join one or all of the weekend agenda; those coming further afield, don’t delay in booking in to the suggested nearby hotels, found to the right, below.

To book the whole weekend for £125*, click here.
To book ‘a la carte’, follow links under description, below.

*Weekend cost is exclusive of hotel and transport to location; only transport to Sunday’s Yoga Walk is included.

Weekend Agenda


Workshop 1:30-4:30pm
The Web of Human Kind : The How of Interconnectedness

The word ‘interbeing’ describes our fundamental connectedness with all living creatures. Also described in the ancient texts of yoga as a ‘web’ of cause and effect (also known as karma), these beliefs go deeper than just spiritual jargon and have been proven as fact rather than just as ideas – all anyone has to do is look around at the state of the planet and the affect we have had on Her as a collective to see this playing out on a global scale.

The practice of yoga is potent because it reminds us that we are not alone, but very much a part of the fabric of nature. Every time we step onto the mat we have an opportunity to realign with trees, birds, snakes, and other forms of nature, and we have the chance to reorganise our inner world physical, energetically and emotionally. Interestingly, it is the fascial system in our body that holds the experiences in our manifest form. Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps itself around every cell, muscle and bone throughout our body, as an inner world of ‘spiderweb’. When a physical or emotional trauma occurs, the residue is literally caught in the fascial web until we are ready to release it.

This three hour yoga workshop will be a combination of lecture, chanting, pranayama, meditation and asana practice with a lens on how we connect with the inner, and outer world.


Dinner and Kirtan : 6-9pm

Enjoy a vegan Indian dinner in good company before a kirtan evening led by Lizzie at Café Mila.

£30 all inclusive
(locals, if you would like to come just for the kirtan please let us know)


A Yoga Walk + Brunch 8:30-12:30am

Twice in my life I have healed myself from invasive surgeries through walking and outdoor yoga. Now is my chance to share this powerful, fun practice with all of you, in good company! We leave from Café Mila at 8:30am to take in fresh air and nature’s inspiration at nearby Winkworth Arboretum. One of the biggest arboretums in the country, Winkworth has an abundance of varieties of trees and botanical life. If you have a National Trust card, please bring it!

The walk will be followed by brunch at Café Mila.

£35 inclusive of transportation, arboretum entry and lunch
(locals, if you would like to come just for the walk and have your own transport please let us know)

Workshop 1:30-3:45
Becoming a Mountain :: Beyond Tāḍāsana

Tāḍāsana is said to be the seat of postural yoga. All asanas require the same deep roots and lift that we find in the mountain. But what happens when we turn the mountain on it’s side, or upside-down? Where does the mountain end and the landscape begin? This workshop will shine a light on the interconnected nature of the asana practice (asana means seat, or connection), and will look at the ‘how’ of finding that deep rooted groundedness, connected to it’s force of opposition, lightness and upward expansion.


More Information:

To make this weekend accessible for locals as well as people coming from further afield, there is the possibility to book sessions ‘a la carte’ (one activity only), or to book the whole weekend at a slightly reduced rate. Please follow the link below to book. The ‘All Access Pass’ books you in to the whole weekend.

Weekend Agenda at a Glance

March 14, Saturday
Workshop 1:30-4:30

Dinner and Kirtan 6-9pm

March 15, Sunday
A Yoga Walk + Lunch

Workshop 1:30-3:45pm

Suggested Accommodation

The Inn on the Lake (The Innkeeper’s Lodge)
(walking distance to Café Mila in Godalming)

The Kings Arms and Royal Hotel
(walking distance to Café Mila in Godalming)

The Stag on the River
(5 minute drive from town centre)

Further Queries + Additional Help

If you have special needs or questions, please contact Sophia Pym. Partners who are not regular yoga practitioners are welcome to come along for the dinner + kirtan and yoga walk.