One-to-One Coaching + Mentoring

There are times in life when objective support can be essential in our evolution – to better see clearly the things that matter most; to accept what is working well in life and what could be re-examined and refined; to understand what options are viable and which direction to take, and how to get ‘there’.

Maybe you are feeling challenged about knowing what to do in a moment when life has changed unexpectedly; maybe you are uncertain of who to turn to to help orient you personally or professionally in confusing and complicated times or to get over a feeling of ‘stuckness’. If this resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place.

I work in two ways: as a mentor, to yoga teachers, body workers and small ‘wellness’ businesses; and as a life coach.

How, might you ask, are these two things different?

Mentoring sessions are for movement teachers, body workers and small to medium ‘wellness’ businesses who are looking to clarify and evolve their craft or business offering. In this capacity I work as an advisor.

This work is generally threefold:
1] in identifying and re-orienting where you are on your journey and in understanding /simplifying your offering;
2] in refining and supporting the evolution of your craft /service/product(s);
3] in strategizing a realistic development plan with a timelime and goals.

Coaching sessions are intended for individuals and small businesses who sitting on the arc of a larger change process. It might be that your circumstances have unexpectedly changed, or that obstacles in your work or relationship are preventing your progress or from fulfilling your potential. In this capacity I work as a guide, support and challenger. We work as partners through a solution-oriented process.

Whether you are interested in recieving mentoring or coaching sessions, the first step is to connect and have a conversation.