16 04, 2020

dear diary : sitting with disorientation

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self isolation, day 32 Dear Diary, I'm sorry I haven't written. It's not that I haven't wanted to, haven't had monologues in my mind about what I'd write, if only I had the time, or the energy. It's just is a little different than I'd thought it would be. It's the feeling of skiing

23 03, 2020

dear diary: The Hive Mind – a call for community

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Self-isolation day 07 This is an invitation, a calling out to all your Hive-Minded Yogis and friends who are working on an inspiring project, have a great plant-based recipe, are cultivating your garden and have some tips, or just wish to say hello and share a little bit about yourself and your current situation. During

23 03, 2020

Dear Diary: is this like that REM song?

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Why yes, aged-Genexers huddled into a little self-protective fetal position, it is. Self-isolation, Day 04, 05, 06, 07. It's all happening folks. Now that self-isolation is in full swing (for all of us), it means limiting all contact, not leaving the house if possible, and becoming OCD about washing our hands. I'm not sure yet

18 03, 2020

Dear Diary: Diving into Self-Isolation

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Today was my first full day at home, leaving the house only to deposit my son to his (unbelievably) still open school. While one foot has solidly and shoe-lessly jumped into the apocalyptic unknown of virtual everything,  life as 'normal' seems to continue in the playground. No wonder we are all so confused. Because I

16 03, 2020

Dear Diary : Social distancing Day One

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Of all the places one would expect to find oneself after proclaiming to the world the self-isolation is inevitable, here I am waiting in a snot-infested pharmacy at the good ol’ Royal Free Hospital. Never mind that I woke up at 5am to be here when the place opened. Never mind that I was told