29 05, 2019

L E A P.

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Most of us have regular opportunities to break out of our comfort zone, a chance to try something new. Whether that is waking up a little earlier to go for a walk, changing what is at the end of your fork, reconnecting with an old friend or reaching out to a stranger, the truth is

28 08, 2018

Washed up on a river.

During the course of August month took time to recover from spinal surgery, resting near a pond that is connected to a river which opens to the sea. It is a healthy estuary and vibrant ecosystem. The bird life is rich, fish are abundant; insects dominate the space between sea and sky in the form

1 09, 2015

The River

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  A few days ago, I spent an afternoon by the river. Walking alongside of it, I marveled at her twists and turns, the variety of sounds and rhythms she produced, and her innate ability to balance rapids and depth with meandering trickles through branches, leaves and pebbles. While it rarely may seem this way,

2 01, 2014

Day One, Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge 2014: Vinyasa Flow with Mimi

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Today's practice, the first of yoga challenge 2014, was at Triyoga Primrose Hill with Mimi Kuo-Deemer. The class was busy with about 20 people in one of their large studios. Mimi started the class with some funny thoughts about the new year and her personal resolution which definitely lightened up the tone of the class--she