22 04, 2018

why i brew kombucha

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It started out innocently enough - I loved Kombucha and was drinking about £10-15 daily! Because I am not an independently wealthy woman, I thought I should investigate how to make it myself....if not a rocket scientist, I have my moments of practicality. I got myself a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacterial yeast - that

5 06, 2014

Raw Fairies: The Mini B Cleanse Review

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For the background on why Raw Fairies, why the Mini B Cleanse, check this out On Monday I started the Raw Fairies Mini B Cleanse, five days of raw, vegan juices and food to help the body 'detox'. While not a huge fan of the concept of detoxing (I am more inclined to champion a

1 01, 2013

Going Home

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After a frank talk with the doctor, it seems he is reasonably happy for me to be discharged (insert multiple exclamations be smileys here). As they are still uncertain of why I became ill, I will need to return to give blood and keep in contact as things could start to deteriorate at any time.