3 05, 2016

Life in Crisis

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It's a beautiful sunny day. I wave to my darling young son and his father as they ride off on one bicycle to school. It sounds like a picturesque family portrait worthy of Rockwell, yet we all know too well that any moment the silent storm brewing underneath could rear its ugly head. I am

13 01, 2013

Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge: Getting Back on Track

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Having finished both Module Three of the Rolfing training late this afternoon and conducting nanny interviews this evening, I am eager to get my yoga challenge (and life) back on track. I will resume tomorrow at the Life Centre, Notting Hill, with Katrina Repka's class. It has been nearly two years since I have practiced

8 01, 2013

What are the chances?

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After succumbing to the universal forces that prevented me from practicing on day four of my Yoga Challenge,  I arrived last night energized after teaching my first class in over a week. Walking through the door, I took one look at my husband who appeared pale and distressed. "Bad news", he said. "Sabrina's boyfriend died