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When you can’t make it to a class, yet don’t have the inspiration or know-how to initiate a self-practice, online yoga resources can be a god-send. My friends at Movement for Modern Life have chosen some of the best teachers in the UK to bring a variety of classes to you, from beginning restorative classes to challenging sweaty beasts.

I have filmed a few classes of my own with MFML, I hope you can find one right for you! Check back soon as there are a few practices in the editing queue, and we are headed out to film again soon.In the meantime you might like to read my recent interview with MFML. Love and kindness on and off the mat!


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Face your Fears
A fiesty, fast-moving Jivamukti vinyasa class. This intermediate class will have you facing your fears and going for it. This hip-opening class works towards hanumanasana using the wall, so you’ll be working on your hip flexors and flexibility in your hamstrings. You will need access to a wall to practice at and two bricks. 75 minutes

Chair and Limited Mobility Series : Sun Salutations
A fantastic yoga sequence for the less mobile. Ideal for seniors, for those with leg or torso injuries, or those recovering from surgeries – or simply those of us who love to learn how to modify poses. This sun salutation sequence is practiced with a chair at the front of the mat to offer support.

Chair and Limited Mobility Series : Flexion and Extension
We always in a state of flexion or extension, just we don’t know it! This sequence is great for when you’re in a chair, or at work, brilliant for those recovering from illness, surgery or as a daily warm up.

Jivamukti Flow for Joy
A well rounded and fast moving class with plenty of backbends, twists, forward bends and uplifting fun. You may need blocks and a belt.

Jivamukti Hips
A fifty minute vinyasa class designed to help open up those hips! You’ll need two blocks and a belt.

Vinyasa Preparation for Handstands
A fifty minute vinyasa class designed to lengthen the body focus the mind. Well-paced throughout focusing on conscious placement and steady breath-aligned intention.

10 Minutes to Joint Freedom
A short class designed to stimulate and wake up the joints.
Perfect for marathon recovery, renewal after illness or just a brilliant start to a long day!

45 minute twisting sequence
Designed to cleanse the organs and rebalance the mind.
level 1-2

60 minutes designed to help us reflect on the past
Even when charging forward in life, finding balance comes from reflecting back along the way.
level 2

90 minutes to practice taking root to fly
A well-rounded intermediate/advanced class with twists, turns and variations.
level 2-3

Move into Balance

A sweet class to get you moving with balance in every pose. An express version of a Jivamukti class with sun-salutes, standing poses, backbends, balances, a headstand and forward bends, this class is perfect to get you moving with balance at the start of the day. 30 minutes

Get Grounded
A swift- moving, playful and well rounded Jivamukti class in which we both seize and mostly relinquish control. Get grounded to rise up. This class features all the sun salutes, standing poses, twists, back bends and forward bends you’d expect from a Jivamukti class, but with a tougher, more feisty twist than usual. You may need a block and a strap.

Yoga for Anxiety
Sometimes life is just overwhelming and we just need 10 minutes to move into calm. These 8 yoga poses are known to release anxiety through the body. These yoga poses for anxiety include headstand which is deeply calming for those who can, and if you’re not comfortable in headstand, take downward dog or child’s pose.

Limited Mobility: Chair Yoga for Shoulders and Spine
You’d be surprised at how quickly tension disappears when we mobilise and release our shoulders and mobilise our spine. A great sequence for desk workers or chair-bound folks and seniors.

Envigorating Energy
Ideal for when you need a jolt of uplifting energy, sun salute your way into an invigorating, energetic way to start your day.

Green to Pinchamayurasana
The colour green is associated with the anahata chakra, the unstuck sound of the heart. A Peacock’s tail feather is also green, and pinchamayurasana requires an open heart!

Tight Hips Recovery
A short supine sequence designed to loosen up the inner and outer hips without the strain of gravity.

Keyboard Users, Protect Your Wrists
A sequence of short exercises to help tight wrists or keep healthy wrists loose. Perfect for interludes at the office.

Ten poses in ten minutes
Kick start your day, rebalance or wind things down in a jiffy.
level 1-2

60 minutes with plenty of twists
Designed to get out of  your head and into the body, focus is on the hips, twists and balances.
level 2-3