My Teaching Schedule |  Autumn 2017

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Indaba Yoga Studio
Indaba Yoga Studio
The Life Centre, Notting Hill
The Life Centre, Islington
Indaba Yoga Studio

About the Studios

Indaba Yoga Studio is a yoga sanctuary located in central London in Marylebone. They offer a diverse range of yoga classes each week including Iyengar, Dharma Mittra, Jivamukti and Hot Yoga as well as basics classes. In addition to yoga, there are three beautiful treatment rooms where a variety of therapists offer services from Ayurvedic massage to Rolfing, Naturopathy and Craniosacral Therapy. For more information, visit the Indaba Yoga’s website.

Founded in 1993, The Life Centre is a friendly haven where yoga, Pilates and natural therapies inspire well-being. With a firm belief in the value of community, the Life Centre has studios in Islington, Notting Hill and Manchester, and the leading teacher training programme in the UK.

Private Bookings
I have some limited availability for private and semi-private yoga lessons in your home or at Indaba Yoga Studio in Marylebone.

Contact me for more information.