The translation of yoga is ‘to yoke’; to merge two things together into unison. For me this means exploring relationship, between ourselves and others, between our body and mind.

Yoga can also be a practice of reconditioning, restructuring and rebalancing the body and mind.  In the asana practice, we use the physical body as an entry point to what lies underneath in the more subtle layers of ‘self’. The process involves fostering acceptance, which can lead to more confidence and ease in our physical, mental and emotional being.

I have been teaching yoga for over ten years, and am an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher. I believe that changing our frame adds dimension and depth, and in my exploration I have found wonderful teachers from many other methods of yoga. My teaching is particularly influenced by other Jivamukti and Iyengar teachers, however, I believe there is a yogic framework for everyone who is interested in the journey.

My yoga classes are dynamic yet slow, focusing on breath awareness, body alignment and exploration of the connection between the body and mind. I aim to bring awareness of the whole, unique being, and pay special attention to assisting students into a deeper state of physical and emotional awareness.

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