inthepressIn the press: Emma Whitehair writes about her transformative Rolfing experience with Lizzie in January’s Country and Town House Magazine (mention this article and get 10% off in January)

“I have a newfound sense of ease in my own skin….similar to the relief you get when you take off a tight outfit and heels after a night on the tiles, and slip into something more comfortable. Like coming home, to your own body.”

Here’s a snapshot of what clients had to say about their experiences with Rolfing, Rolf Movement and craniosacral therapy:

I had 10 Rolfing treatments with Lizzie. I was really impressed by the insights that Lizzie had over the course of the progressive treatments and I learned make small changes in the way I moved and used my body in everyday life. This plus the table work has helped release long term patterns of tension and stiffness. ~Deborah

I have learned so much about my body and its greater potential in the course of 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie, and a transformation in my body’s structure is visible and palpable. Lizzie brings learnings from her work across multiple disciplines of alternative healing and yoga — and of an eventful life — to go way beyond the mechanics of the body in imbuing her Rolfing with a philosophical dimension. I’m now looking forward to continuing our work and building on the foundation we’ve established in the initial 10 sessions. ~Luke

Craniosacral therapy with Lizzie has restored my body into balance. I came with insomnia and migraines, and a top up once every few months means that I sleep with more ease, my headaches have subsided and I feel more relaxed in general. Thank you, Lizzie! ~Amanda

Because of my autoimmune disease I was suffering from a split vision everyday. After one session with Lizzie, my split vision completely disappeared . I was amazed! Lizzie’s session is more than a healing treatment. She empowers me with her amazing knowledge of anatomy and and ability to ‘read my body.’ Every session I learned something new about my body and its habit patterns. She creates a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment. Lizzie completely understood what I required from the start. I went through a long journey and came out to the light from the dark place. I am so grateful that I met her and given an opportunity to learn from her. ~Shigemi

I experienced the 10 Rolfing sessions with Lizzie and the results were gradual and amazing. Among other improvements, a long term misalignment of the hips/legs I’d had since a child, vanished and has not returned. Lizzie is simply the best. ~Kate

I had never heard of Rolf Movement, but I was struggling as a competitive runner with pain in my heels. Lizzie helped me to find a different stride by changing my perception of the movement. Running feels more relaxed, but ironically, my time has improved dramatically! ~ Kevin

I use my arms a lot for my work, and this coupled with whiplash from an old accident was my underlying symptom making my work as a musician exhausting. Through the course of the ten sessions, my arm tightness connected with other places of my body that I was completely unaware of and I found more space. I still go for sessions once a month as it has helped me to my creativity flowing. ~ anonymous

Lizzie is very personable, so it’s easy to trust her and allow for the process to unfold. I had no idea what I was signing up for when I started the process, but I feel more at ease in my body, more confident and I feel that the places of deep tension and chronic pain have been able to let go. ~ Dave

I first had Rolfing with Lizzie after an operation and the layers of scar tissue were causing me pain. I was so blown away by the power of the first session, that I signed up to doing a progressive course of 10 sessions. Through this journey, I really learned a lot about my body and this also impacted massively on my own yoga practice. I have a great love and regard for Lizzie as my teacher and ‘my healer’- she has been and continues to be a big inspiration to me. ~ Charlie

As a professional musician, my body often feels like it is taking on the shape of the instrument, but even after I’m finished playing I can’t seem to release the tension in my arms, neck and back. The Rolfing process has helped me to find a more comfortable way of being in relationship with my instruments and in my body so I can enjoy being with the audience. ~ Nick

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