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28 01, 2017

Jivamukti FOM February: Beyond Emptiness by Cat Alip-Douglas

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gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha Gone, gone, real gone, beyond even the most gone. Ultimate wisdom remains when everything has dropped away. The Heart Sutra “The Prajñaparamita gives us solid ground for making peace with ourselves, for transcending the fear of birth and death, the duality of this and that. In the light of

23 01, 2015

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

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Suffering is not enough. Life is both dreadful and wonderful…How can I smile when I am filled with so much sorrow? It is natural–you need to smile to your sorrow because you are more than your sorrow. - Thich Nhat Hanh Life can sometimes feel unfair. Our actions, conscious or not, have the potential

26 10, 2013


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Yesterday morning was month to the day since I woke up. I woke up from a twelve hour surgery and an additional twelve hours of being under sedation. I woke up to my reality; I was alive and had a new liver, a new life ahead of me. For the past month I have been

23 10, 2013

The greatest wonder

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“Fear comes, but fear passes.” ― Marianne Williamson As humans, many people seem to dwell on the anxieties of the unknown; thriving on the drama of indecision and placing time and energy into pondering the great question of 'what if'. The funny thing is, barring the psychic or master intuiter, no one really knows what

12 12, 2011

Top ten gifts for the yogi (who needs no thing)

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Well, well, it's that timeout year for those of us living in the world going to homes where gifts are exchanged around the holidays. Not in need of anything, why not ask for something that could help to deepen your practice? Here are my top ten Nice to Have gifts for any practicing Yogi. 10.