1 02, 2019


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When you orient yourself towards something, you point yourself towards it, literally or figuratively. The Orient is an old-fashioned name for Asia, or the East. It's where the sun rises, and, sure enough, the Latin root of orient means "rising," as in the rising of the sun. If you're lost in the woods, probably the

18 01, 2017

Space, time, memory and fascia

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Our body is a landscape of experiences and memories. From our inception until this moment, each one of us is on an evolving journey. The influences from the outside world such as family dynamics, social conditioning and life experiences blend with our genetic makeup and produce our unique character. We, in turn, are resourced with

29 03, 2015

The Line

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What is "the line"? In the world of Rolfing, the line represents, first and foremost, the gravitational path from sky to earth.  We spend our lives managing ourselves in space around this line. Whether we realize it or not, the line is quite fundamental to life in our body on this earth. As humans, we live

26 06, 2014

Tune in to Jo Good

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I was delighted to join the 'good-time girl' Jo Good on the BBC on June 27th, at 3:10pm 94.7fm radio. We discussed Rolfing, bodywork and my liver transplant! Listen here.  

25 06, 2014

The origins and development of Rolfing

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The below links offer rare insight to deep level of knowledge and research that Ida Rolf cultivated throughout the development of the Rolfing framework and that has continued to evolve through the vibrant community of Rolfers, movement awareness educators and those working on the forefront of structural integration. I hope you find them of interest.

10 06, 2014

Rolfing, It’s Principles and Why 10 Sessions?

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The biggest relationship our body has is one with gravity. When gravity flows through the body, we find comfort and grace in our stride, our organs can function efficiently, and the brain rests well in the cranium. Due to external factors over time, however, breath, alignment and balance in the body can be compromised, causing

15 05, 2014

Samskaras and Untangling Trauma

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Trauma. It is a loaded word that like everything, manifests in many different ways and for different reasons. Who knows why some people are traumatized by some things and others go unscathed? Psychotherapists such as Freud and Jung believed this has to do with the stable base that you did or didn't have between pre-birth

23 03, 2014

My (Wo)manifesto?

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As human beings, we spend our time on this earth inhabiting our body, yet how many of us have an idea about our body and it's sense of space, depth, and potential? As we journey from point A to point B and in between the defining moments of our lives, do we know where we

23 03, 2014

What is Rolfing anyway?

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Rolfing, also called Rolf therapy and on a broader scale, structural integration (SI), is a holistic system of bodywork that uses deep manipulation of the body's soft tissue to realign and balance the myofascial structure. Rolfing improves posture, relieves chronic pain, and reduces stress. In addition to improving posture, and perhaps more importantly, the aim

26 04, 2013

Learning to Listen

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One of the benefits of a regular long term yoga or meditation practice is the increased capacity to listen. At first this may be focused on listening to external sounds such as a teacher's voice or sounds in the surrounding environment, but slowly, over time, the attention shifts to cultivating an internal listening; listening to