19 03, 2019

finding stillness….

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Choose any given day on a street corner in a bustling city, and you will see bodies in motion.  All around, sirens scream, motors throb, voices chatter, mobile phones ding, horns honk. The pace of sound unfolding in urban environment is so pervasive that it can sometimes be relentless. Of course, almost every environment has

5 12, 2013

Shadow Days

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Today marks the ten week point since I underwent a liver transplant, and the two week home mark. The first week was a blissful blur of activity as I set out to conquer the eight lost weeks of my life in a single bound. This week? Well, it's been less inspired. While I have never

26 10, 2013


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Yesterday morning was month to the day since I woke up. I woke up from a twelve hour surgery and an additional twelve hours of being under sedation. I woke up to my reality; I was alive and had a new liver, a new life ahead of me. For the past month I have been

9 05, 2013

Coming up for air

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I've never been an avid swimmer. While admittedly I've spent afternoons with ridiculous looking swimming goggle intents around my eyes and remnants of chlorine smell on my skin, the feeling after going swimming has always outweighed the actual process of being in the pool swimming laps. Nonetheless, after the first several minutes of a continuous

26 04, 2013

Learning to Listen

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One of the benefits of a regular long term yoga or meditation practice is the increased capacity to listen. At first this may be focused on listening to external sounds such as a teacher's voice or sounds in the surrounding environment, but slowly, over time, the attention shifts to cultivating an internal listening; listening to

30 01, 2013

Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 26: Grounding

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I returned today to Triyoga Primrose Hill to attend Kate Walker (Harrell)'s 12:15-1:45pm class. I have a chance to get to Kate's class with some regularity, and each time I leave feeling grounded and relaxed, the same way Kate comes across. Her vinyasa-based style is consistent with safe sequencing and instruction; her special gift is

16 04, 2012

Slowing Down

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When I made the decision to change careers 6 years ago, I had a very different perspective on the world. At that moment in my life any job seemed that it would be less stressful than the one I was in, and I looked around me and was envious of those appearing not to be

26 01, 2012

Teaching Yoga and Meditation to Doctors

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On Wednesday afternoon I found myself at St. Mary's hospital in the presence of 35 GPs teaching them a class on yoga, meditation and relaxation. Having grown up in a medical family and very often in the role of 'patient', it was refreshing to, for once, share some of my knowledge with the physicians. I

5 01, 2012

Using Our Voice

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Our voice is one of our most important tools in making lasting, positive change in the world. With our voice we can represent all the beings who go unheard; the trees, animals in the forest, babies that are unable to protect themselves. When speaking truthfully from a place of compassion, it can also be the

29 08, 2011

Sakshi, the silent witness

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In sanskrit, sakshi is the observer, the aspect within able to watch the body, mind and events without judgement, attachment or analysis. If our lives were a movie, the sakshi would be the one in the audience just simply watching all that is happening without getting caught up in the plot, critiquing the performances, or