22 10, 2017

Grains of sand

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Over the weekend I spent some time with a cousin who is 25 and in a transition process from being a student to being an employee...the beginning of an adult life waiting to unfold. As I listened to him wonder aloud about how his life might look in the future, so much of what he

30 03, 2017

Open Doorways

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Focus Of The Month – April, 2017 nimittam aprayojakaṁ prakṛtīnāṁ varaṇa-bhedas tu tataḥ kṣetrikavat Causes do not put nature, Prakrti, into motion. They only remove the obstacles and coverings, like a farmer breaking down the barriers to let water flow in the field. The hindrances removed by the causes, Nature impenetrates by herself. Yoga Sutras

29 04, 2014

Jivamukti Focus of the Mnth, May 2014: The Bodies of the Self

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shravanadibhiruddhiptajñana gniparitapitah jivassarvamalammuktah svarnavad dyotate svayam By hearing, thinking, and meditating, the light of the Self is kindled. Once this light of Self is kindled, the individual “I” becomes free from all impurities and begins to shine forth as the universal “I,” in the same way as gold shines when it is purified by fire.