5 02, 2019

A Slice of the Truth

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satyam brūyāt priyam brūyāt na brūyāt satyam apriyam priyam anritam na brūyāt esha dharmah sanātanah ~ Manusmriti 4:138 This Sanskrit verse is from the Manusmriti 4:138 and summarizes the crux of perennial philosophy or sanātana dharma. It translates as: “Say what is true, say what is sweet, but do not say what is true but

19 11, 2018

Jivamukti Focus Dec 2018: by David Life

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yā kundendu-tusāra-hāra-dhavalā yā śubhra-vastrā vrtā, yā vinā-vara-danda-mandita-karā yā śveta-padmāsanā, yā brahmācyuta-śankara-prabhrtibhir devaih sadā vanditā sā māṁ pātu Sarasvatī Bhagavatī niḥśesa-jādyāpahā - Sarasvati Vandana May the Goddess Sarasvati, who wears a garland white like the jasmine flower or the moon or the snow, who is adorned with pure white clothes, whose hands are ornamented with the

25 03, 2018

Jivamukti FOTM April 2018: Black is the true face of light, by David Life

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Tad evā-artha-mātra-nirbhāsam sva-rūpa-sūnyam iva samādhih Through the power of fixating suggestion on a chosen object the object alone shines forth, and there is undistracted identification with it. This trance is called Samadhi or same as the highest. PYS III.3 Siddhi is a Sanskrit noun often translated as “power” but more exactly means “accomplishment,” “attainment “or

11 07, 2017

What is the ecology of yoga?

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Workshop July 16 2017 Indaba Yoga Studio 1:30-4:30pm Sunday July 16th The word yoga means two things: a practice and a state of being. Interestingly, while the state of being requires nothing except presence, the practices that lead to this state are limitless and dimensional, like an organic, matrixed framework that supports and sustains itself.

7 07, 2017

In The Light of Love, by Sharon Gannon

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Focus Of The Month – July, 2017 Om purnam adah purnam idam purnat purnam udachyate purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavashishyate That is whole. This is whole. From the whole the whole becomes manifest. From the whole when the whole is negated, what remains is again the whole. ~Yajur Veda and the Isha Upanishad Yoga practices

23 01, 2015

The Art of Teaching

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“When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear.” Om saha navavatu saha nau bhunaktu saha viryam karavavahai tejasvi navadhitam astu ma vidvishavahai om shantih shantih shantih Accept us both together. Protect us both together. May our knowledge and strength increase. May we not resent one another. Before I started practicing yoga, I had various

22 10, 2013

A chat with Tomo Okabe, visiting Jivamukti teacher from Japan

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Tomo Okabe is here in London finishing his European Tour. He stopped in to the hospital to say hello last night and made my day. Don't miss his inspiring, heartfelt teachings while he's in London; I will definitely be there in spirit! Sat Oct 26th, 19-22pm Black Light Yoga: A Jivamukti Class and Dance Event

30 07, 2013

July 31-August 10: Classes with Lizzie

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Be Love! Class Schedule through August 10: Wednesday July 31, 10-11:30am Indaba Yoga StudioWednesday July 31, 8:15-9:30pm The Life Centre Notting Hill Friday, August 2, 4-5:30pm The Life Centre Notting Hill Saturday, August 3, 10-11:30am Indaba Yoga Studio Sunday, August 4, 2:30-4pm Indaba Yoga Studio Monday, August 5, 6:30-7:45pm The Life Centre Notting Hill Wednesday,

4 04, 2012

Say Om While Dying (or Die to OM)

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om ity ekaksharam Brahma / vyaharan mam anusmaran yah prayati tyajan deham / sa yati paramam gatim (BG VIII.13) If one can remember while dying to utter OM, he/she will go to the supreme goal. I was always a bit baffled by this verse in the Bhagavad Gita. I thought that Krishna would have said,

25 10, 2011

Jivamukti Focus of the Month November

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Brahmacharya and Veganism brahmacharya-pratishthayam virya-labhah (PYS II.38) When one does not misuse sexual energy, one obtains enduring vitality resulting in good health. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali gives us five recommendations, called yamas, for how we should treat others if we want to attain liberation. The fourth yama isbrahmacharya, which means "to respect the creative