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3 01, 2019

Happy Beginning Again.

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I used to love New Year's Eve. It was chance to put the challenges of the past year behind me and recommence life with renewed energy and commitment. After only a  few weeks though, the bleakness of January never failed to catch up with me and I found myself with the same stories I told

4 01, 2016

Setting Intentions that Stick

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Well, you're a week into your new year. How's it going? Did any of your 'resolutions' get resolved, or even started yet? Maybe they are already puttering out. Every year, with the best intentions, resolutions get left by the wayside as daily life takes over and our old habit patterns and preferences are too strong

31 12, 2013

The seeds of intention

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Many tend to think of the New Year as a new beginning, and take the opportunity to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the year ahead. There are workshops on goal setting and envisioning your 'best self' in your 'perfect life'; a whole industry cashes in on peoples' failures at achieving their

19 12, 2013

Managing intentions

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As another year draws to a close, there is a lot of talk about intention setting and what individuals want to see manifest during the course of the year ahead. Never mind that every moment is actually such an opportunity to become aware of our intentions and reset them as needed; the 365-day year is

30 12, 2011

From Delusion to Resolution, Intention Setting 2012

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As another 365 day-period draws to a close, resolutions are on many people's minds as we prepare for a new year. What would we like to accomplish in the new year? What would we like to change, rectify, add to or delete from our lives? Resolutions are generally goal oriented, focused on a noticeable end