22 07, 2018

Beyond Greatness

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A memory of my five year old self exists, sitting in my mother’s giant eggshell yellow Pontiac station wagon on the way home one day from kindergarten. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my mother asked. I responded innocently (if not a wee bit precociously), “I want to be Great!” Great,

24 09, 2014

Open letter to God

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Dear God, It's hard to believe this is the first official letter I have ever written to you. I'm sorry it took me so long to pen one until now, it's just that I've been a little busy. No excuse, I know, and don't worry, my mother didn't put me up to it. I figured

11 10, 2013

The Medical Skinny

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What a difference a day makes. This morning I awoke to intense pain in my right abdomen, nausea, and a little increase in jaundice. Within an hour of waking up I was informed I would be going for yet another liver biopsy (my 3rd so far post- transplant), definitely not one of my favorite procedures

3 10, 2013

A quick update, a week after liver transplant surgery

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Life on 10N is Very touch and go right now. Each day there are new emergencies and something physical, emotional and/or mental to overcome. I had apparently a very complicated surgery due to my own arterial connections into the liver, and while I arrived outside of surgery strong at first, within 2 days problems unknown

26 07, 2013

The Melting Pot of London

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As in many big cities, London is a smorgasbord of cultures, races and religions cross-pollinating and intermingling in some places, segregating and compartmentalizing in others. Some of the latter comes from the variance in living expenses, but even areas of London that are exclusively expensive usually have some activities that are free, but they remain

10 06, 2013

There is no out there, out there

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Whether we realize it or not, our lives are but a series of relationships. Egg to sperm, fetus to uterus, mother to baby, baby to mother. As we grow and change and develop into complex beings, so often the sense of relation between self and other is lost. Life happens 'to' us, expectation of self

8 03, 2013

Evening Song

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Between the deepening snores Of my neighbor next door And the woman across from me 's Pain, Emergency bells, calls out in the night Bed pans that need to be changed. Those delicate creatures who sleep through the day Crash their way into the night One-eyed, one-legged pirate vampires Ready to put up a fight.