22 07, 2018

Beyond Greatness

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A memory of my five year old self exists, sitting in my mother’s giant eggshell yellow Pontiac station wagon on the way home one day from kindergarten. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my mother asked. I responded innocently (if not a wee bit precociously), “I want to be Great!” Great,

21 09, 2015

It Takes Two

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A few years ago after receiving a new liver via transplant, the doctors said to 'give it time' when I asked how long it would take to recover. At first, I had plenty of time; I spent two months in the hospital recovering from one complication after the other, and despite the lost hours watching

28 10, 2014

Fear, Faith and Gratitude

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The universal forces of nature keep all of life in check and balance through the equinox; auspicious times of year when transformation is apparent in the change of season, light and darkness, the birth and death of nature. It is said that the fabric of space and time becomes more porous during these times of

1 11, 2013

The bouquet of life

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Five weeks. Five weeks! I never planned on a stay in the hospital this long. This wasn't how my transplant recovery was supposed to go. These are the workings of the mind and the origin of my tears throughout the night and into the morning. It was a rough one. You see, objectively speaking, I'm

13 10, 2013

It’s not that the other days have been bad, but…

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What a difference twenty-four hours can make. After yet another sleepless night (crazy talk, I tell you), I spend the early hours taking walks around the ward. I noticed that my pain level had dropped, and my wee was returning to a beautiful golden yellow from the deeper orange that it briefly had gone during

26 09, 2013

Show time.

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When I got the call from the transplant team four months ago, going through the motions of getting prepared for the hospital and prepped for surgery felt dramatic; real, important and life changing. When the operation didn't go through I was frustrated, but expected I would get another call soon. Afterall, the first call came

28 03, 2013

Be Positive

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As I lie here in bed with the first sun in twelve days piercing through my window, I feel nothing but gratitude. I have been humbled, deeply touched and teary-eyed by all the emails, comments and calls I have received over the past week offering support and love. I am appreciative beyond measure. Each of

31 12, 2012


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At any moment, life can bend and twist and turn and change in a multitude of directions. So often when we are busy, preoccupied with routine activities we tend to overlook its fragility and mystery, taking our bodies, intelligent brains and divine potential for granted. It is New Year's Eve. Many people have shifted their

24 12, 2011

Gratitude and the gunas

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One of the most challenging aspects of true gratitude is accepting all things in life as precious; without judgement, without control. It's so easy to fall into the habit of perceiving things in our life as good and bad, extending appreciation only to those things we deem as beneficial to our small, ego-driven selves. When