Let’s face it, most of us have survived something. It may have been a small event you recovered from quickly, but it may have been life-threatening. It may have even led to you re-constructing your body, or your life.

Whether it was a surgery, illness, accident or abuse, life experiences can get lodged in the body physically as well as emotionally, and until they are recognized, honored and worked through, our life can become limited on many levels.

The Survivors Club is about acknowledging your survival experience and owning it – transforming an event that may have been fearful, threatening and even debilitating, into something that brings power, stature and grace.

If any of this resonates with you, I want to hear about you – the things you’re passionate about, what makes your life worth living. This is a guided path towards re-inhabiting your body…yes, it may also lead to acknowledging your limitations, but is especially about celebrating your potential.

Among other things, I am starting a mailing list, and soon I hope to announce a more regular channel for communicating on this topic. Contact me for more information.