What is Rolfing?


Rolfing-Little-Boy-and-LogoRolfingĀ® is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity. Manipulation of muscle fascia (connective tissue around muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones) brings therapeutic benefits, including a freedom of movement, an ease with being in the body and a removal of tightness and/or chronic pain from inefficient body use. Rolfing sessions generally begin with what is known as the ten sessions, which consist of a unique theme and physical territory of the body for each session, highly tailored for each individual’s needs to address tensions, stresses and habit patterns that are held over time in the body.

inthepressEmma Whitehair writes about her transformative experience with Lizzie in January’s Country and Town House Magazine.

This is a two and a half minute video about how Rolfing works. It may be interesting if you have questions about how Rolfing is different than massage, osteopathy, sports massage or going to see a chiropractor.

This video is 7 minutes and will both explain what Rolfing and fascia is, as well as show you what fascia looks like! It is really a worthwhile video if you are considering being Rolfed.

The Ten Sessions

Learn more about The Ten Sessions

The Ten Sessions

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