22 10, 2017

Grains of sand

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Over the weekend I spent some time with a cousin who is 25 and in a transition process from being a student to being an employee...the beginning of an adult life waiting to unfold. As I listened to him wonder aloud about how his life might look in the future, so much of what he

28 10, 2014

Putting the Head on Yoga Asana (the last workshop of 2014)

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Workshop, The Architecture of Asana: Part 3 (The head and neck) Sunday, November 2nd, 1.30-4.30pm Indaba Yoga Studio, Marylebone   An awareness of the head, jaw and neck in asana practice is crucial to being balanced in body and mind; after all, it houses all of the nerves that help us to function physically and

9 10, 2014

Sound Advice

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On October 11 and October 18th there will be LIVE MUSIC in class, provided by Luc Acke and Javier Rodríguez Huertas at Indaba Yoga Studio, Marylebone, 10-11:30am. Please come! Tasya vachakah pranavah Always chant OM; God is OM, supreme music -Patanjali Living and working in London means that all around, there is sound. Police sirens,

7 10, 2014

Live Music, Saturday October 11, with Luc Acke

Tags: , , , , , , | I'm so excited to be teaching with Luc Acke again on Saturday, October 11th at Indaba Yoga Studio, 10-11:30am. There is nothing like practicing to live music, and Luc's voice and the harmonium are especially grace-filled. If you have never practiced to live music before, come and experience the live vibrations and incredible sweet

2 10, 2014

Twist and Shout

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  Twisting plays a vital role in maintaining the health of our bodies and minds. The twisting motion is important because it incorporates so many central points of the body, and encourages movement in the spine as well as the organs. Yoga twists require the work of the abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, spine, neck, shoulders

2 09, 2014

From the Ground Up

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originally posted on Movement for Modern Life YS. 2.46 sthira sukham asanam May the relationship (connection with the earth) be steady and joy filled. Our relationship with the earth may be the most important connection we have in our lives; afterall, we come from the earth, and some day our bodies will eventually, but inevitably

20 06, 2014

Creating (and sustaining) a Self-Practice

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Join the Building a Self-Practice Workshop on July 6th at Indaba Yoga Studio, Marylebone, from 1:30-4:30pm.  My self-practice began when I moved to Kosovo in 2006. Prior to that time, I had yoga classes readily available to me, and despite attending classes for almost ten years, the idea of unrolling my mat in my home

9 05, 2014

Teaching Schedule, May and June (+ Workshops and Covers)

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Summertime is upon us! And with it, some upcoming changes to the schedule. But first, let us enjoy the glorious spring! Hope to see you on the mat soon. UPCOMING WORKSHOP SERIES THE STRUCTURE OF ASANA: A THREE PART SERIES with Lizzie Reumont at Indaba Yoga Studio Our bodies were designed by a master architect

23 01, 2014

Day Fourteen, Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge: Transformational Breathing with Rebecca Dennis

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I feel as if I may have cheated a little bit on my "yoga" challenge yesterday as I decided to use my Transformational Breath session with Rebecca as my daily 'class', but after all, a large part of practicing yoga is about the breath, and I'm still supposed to be 'taking it easy'. After my

21 01, 2014

Upcoming Workshop with Lizzie: The Five Bodies

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Here's a little plug for my workshop this coming Sunday, January 26th from 1:30-4:30pm. The workshop is called The Five Bodies, and the purpose is to explore the five bodies, or koshas, as they are called. In the yoga tradition, the animate form of a being is made of upadis, or vessels, and each vessel