23 10, 2017

A Version of Inversion: Jivamukti FOM Nov 2017 by Jules Febre

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What happens on the mat should be reflected in our vision of the world and our actions in it. When we think of inversions, those classic images of handstand (adho mukha vrkshāsana), forearm stand (pincha mayurāsana) and supported headstand (salamba śirsāsana) are most likely the first things that will pop into our imaginative eye. Rarely

22 10, 2017

Grains of sand

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Over the weekend I spent some time with a cousin who is 25 and in a transition process from being a student to being an employee...the beginning of an adult life waiting to unfold. As I listened to him wonder aloud about how his life might look in the future, so much of what he

10 10, 2017

WORKSHOP: You’re Gross! and the subtle Bodies: The Koshas

YOU'RE GROSS! and the subtle body: The Koshas Workshop Indaba Yoga Studio November 4 1:30-4:30pm When someone tells us we are gross, we normally would take it as an insult. We don’t consider that in the scheme of things, our physical form is gross. It is big, clunky, made of the things we eat and

10 10, 2017

October Focus of the Month: Back to Basics by Jivamukti NYC

viśokā vā jyotiṣmati Concentration on the Divine produces lightness and self-confidence. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (PYS I.36) The Yoga Sutras are extremely compact. Each sutra (translated to thread), using the power of the Sanskrit language, is defined exactly with just enough words and often conveys a profound meaning requiring copious commentary. This above sutra

25 09, 2017

Shadows and Light

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Four years ago today I got a call that saved my physical body. I can rely only on my fading memory to travel back to that time when living day-to-day was a mental practice in both holding on and letting go; when acceptance wasn't a choice but a but integral to my own physical and

8 09, 2017

A Remedy: Be Specific

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Life all around us can sometimes feel like a chaotic blur. Things to do, people to meet, places to go...these out of body tasks mount up over time, and along with stress, they take us away from being in our body, from knowing where we are in space and time. We can feel lost, drifting...without

1 09, 2017

samsara + yoga

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Let’s face it. The transition from August to September can be dramatic for some of us - full of events that remind us of that the end of the year is on its way. September has largely become the 'New January’ as many people are ready to begin again upon returning from a summer of

1 09, 2017

Fed Up, by David Life

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Focus Of The Month – September, 2017 atha yoga-anushasanam Now this is yoga as I have perceived it in the natural world. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (PYS 1.1) Anyone who is engaged in serious yoga practice has come to yoga for the same reason—we’re fed up! That means we’ve had enough. Atha means “now.”

15 08, 2017

Life on the Spectrum

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Until recently, if someone had told me I was 'on the spectrum', I would have thought they were giving me a compliment about being colourful, vibrant...dare I say kaleidoscopic. I had never heard of this phrase before, and for me it conjures up images of a rainbow. Over the past several months, however, I have

9 08, 2017

August is for….something old and something new

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Greetings from Brittany! Every August I aim to physically leave London and check out a new environment, to strip daily life down to the basics and renew an old interest, or to learn something new! This year I find myself for a few weeks in Brittany before flying off to see my dear teachers at