About Me – Elizabeth Reumont

Profile 1I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and while I’ve been living in Europe for the past seventeen years, I will always feel at home in Maryland. I grew up on the water, and I suppose because of this I’ve always been drawn to the elements; water, wind, fire, earth and sky. I’ve found these elements present in every place that I’ve been enticed to call home, and perhaps this why I feel most at home in my yoga practice, so interwoven with the elements.

First drawn to yoga as a philosophy student over 25 years ago, yoga has been instrumental in finding balance in my own life. It was like finding a map to better understand how to be in the world; with myself, my body, and in relationship with others.

I am an Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher. My studies of yoga include a variety of internationally renowned teachers and schools, most notably the Jivamukti and Iyengar yoga methods, which I’ve been practicing for over 15 years. My classes are infused with an integrated approach to various forms of yoga, movement therapies and life experience. This includes alignment cues, awareness of the breath, and plenty of music. Hands-on adjustments are a unique aspect of my classes intended to give the practitioner a better understanding of correct alignment, the energetics of asana and an awareness of the body in space. Above all else, as a yoga teacher, a Rolfer and a human being, I aim to create a space in the world where we can celebrate our individuality and co-exist with compassion.

In 2010 I was recommended to see a RolferĀ® after having a chronic shoulder injury. I didn’t know what Rolfing was at that time, but I came to find out that it was a practice of releasing deep, interconnected tissues in the body that find their way into complicated holding patterns from regular physical and emotional life strains. The result of these holding patterns can be tension, pain and difficulty managing oneself in space. It resonated with me, especially since at the time I was going through a period of emotional and physical strain. I had three sessions and my chronic shoulder pain disappeared. In seven sessions my head was resting comfortably on top of my spine and my legs felt longer. Ten sessions and I had more energy, felt a greater range of movement and was more comfortable within my own skin. The more I learned about Rolfing through the initial ten sessions, the more I realized I wanted to give this experience to others. Rolfing is a transformation process and a re-education about how to be with ease in the body, which co-exists beautifully with my work as a yoga teacher.

When I’m not on the mat, teaching or sinking my fingers into fascia, I’m most likely to be found with my son building ancient temples.