Yoga in the park

Starting Saturday, May 14th, I will be teaching yoga every week on the lawn of Kensington Palace Gardens. There is nothing like practicing outside to reconnect with the earth and oneself, and practicing in a group to benefit the lives of others both extends the connection from the earth to all beings, and from the mat into daily life.

The class is a donation-based class with all proceeds going to a London- based organization called The Kids Company.

The Kids Company helps at risk kids from 0-23 years old in a variety of ways. They provide everything from in-school therapy to full live-in care for children to young adults, and a variety of programs in-between such as after school programs and mealtime programs, depending on the needs of the individual.

One of the philosophical aspects of yoga is that life in the body is suffering. We suffer because we have a mind that constantly judges and perceives, interpreting experiences as good and bad, forming opinions and expectations which lead us to live a  reaction-based life (life on the rollercoaster of the mind).

One way out of this cycle of suffering (samsara) is by offering your life and your practice towards helping other beings who are also suffering.

The yoga of action, karma yoga, tells us that by uplifting the lives around you through effort, dedication and intention, your life will automatically be uplifted as well.

Whether a being lives in forest that is being destroyed, lives on the streets without a roof overhead or fresh water to drink, or lives in London in an abusive family situation, there is always a being in need of physical and emotional nourishment. There is something you can do! Come to this class – thousands of kids may benefit from your Saturday morning practice!

Details: Saturday’s, 9:00am-10:30am
Kensington palace gardens, south or palace, west of broad walk ( opposite and south of pond)
Email for more information.
In the event of rain or cold and wet weather, class will be canceled.
Join the facebook group to keep informed

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  2. Love your selfless and giving approach Liz – truly encapsulates what yoga is all about! (Most of us need the occasional reminder and nudge along the way) — Have you stopped the sessions now that the Summer is over, or are they still happening? Thanks.

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